Elna Supermatic

This is my beautiful Elna Supermatic sewing machine. A few weeks ago I took her in for a tune-up, and boy, it was worth the $140. Quality machines like that will run forever if you take care of them.

The real point of this post is: Lookee, pretty picture!

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  1. Anonymous

    it is a very beautiful sewing machine, havent you ever considered cashing in on your investment on ebay or something?

    1. Laurabelle Post author

      Oh no, I’m much too attached to it! Besides, then I wouldn’t have a sewing machine, and where would I find a good machine for less than $200?

  2. Tom Luecke

    I just found a 53 Supermatic at the Pueblo Goodwill, with original blond oak cabinet. It had a $25 pricetag, but when I said it made a growly noise when starting to run, they reduced to $12.50! I think I may have gotten a great deal. It’s all complete with manual, all cams and misc chrome hardware. I jsut wondered how you found someone who knew these machines, and what yours was like before the tuneup? This one seems to work, just makes that growly noise at slow speeds. Also wondered if it can be modified to a foot pedal? Sounds like this is one of the best machines made?
    Any idea of its value, esp with the cabinet; or place to get the value?
    Would you please email me at [address censored — LBM]? I’m in Boulder CO.
    Ciao, Tom

  3. Zimmerman, Cathy

    Hi, I’ve acquired 2 of these machines and plan on taking them to my repair many. I replaced the pulley’s myself and oiled it up (note in front of the bobbin case there is a red dot and you want to drop your sewing machine oil in there), but the motor area still growls. Hope I have just as good of luck. Would love to see pictures of the attachments that came with yours and know their identity. Thanks, Cathy

  4. Zimmerman, Cathy

    Whoops, that was repair man. Does anyone know if today’s Elna attachment would work on the Supermatics?

  5. olga kostich

    Hi :

    I just want to say that I have an old ELNA Supermatic ( may be little more modern that the one in the picture, yes..) I´m 41 old, and my mother buyed it by second hand when I was about 8 years old, and this wonderfull machine is still working perfectly and I use it for my job as a designer….I do patchwork and other designs and thios machine is all the time very good for any proyect I create.

    I´m not sure if teh actual accesories work on the supermatic ELNA. I´m Looking for the disk nº 3 and nº 4 for my ELNA.

    Thanks, Olga

  6. Kacie

    I just had a Elna Supermatic completely overhauled and now it’s in beautiful shape. Cost for work was $250 w/1yr warranty. I also have just about every cam, attachment and other part for this machine, all in great condition.

    Not exactly a new computerized embroidery machine, but really great for sewing.

  7. Deloris Pickens

    A friend gave me an Elna Supermatic and have been working on it all day. Does it ever make a good stitch. Haven’t tried the cams but I think it may be the best machine I have ever used . Got the manual and all the attachments and a bunch of cams. Am anxious to try out the fancy stitches. Also have 2 Elna Grasshoppers. Dee in okla

  8. RW Barnes

    My mother has an old Elna Supermatic which I’m trying to find a motor for. Her local repair man said that she needs a new motor for it but that he can’t get one for it. I am hoping that someone will be able to help or at least point me in the right direction. The machine is the “square” type, white and gray I believe around 65 to 70 year. I can’t seem to find a specific model number on the machine other than “type 62cb009063″ if that would help. Any suggestions? Email me please


  9. Kath from England

    I bought a SU 27 years ago and broke it a few months ago. Repair bill would have not been worth it. Pale blue with grey top and blue hard case.

    But I got another on Ebay (this was numbered 62 etc….) and was same as my other. Then I spotted another which I bought and it proved to be a slightly earlier model as it had two embroidery stitches built in that. My other has all utility stitches built in.

    For the lady looking for cam number 3 – I got one on ebay US and sewed a line using it next to a line of ordinary zig zag. There was no difference so save your dillars.


  10. Kath from England

    Sorry – I meant dollars not dillars.

    By the way the earlier model was blue with a grey top same as the other but it’s hard case was a brown colour.

    I have a big collection of cams and everytime I get a new one I check to see what other patterns it will do when used with the built-in stitches.

    I recently got cam No. 22 on Ebay US which is not listed anywhere. Has anybody heard of it?

    A few weeks later I saw a Elna Lotus SP on Ebay UK and for some reason only I spotted it so I bought that. The Lotus came out just after I bought my first Elna SU.

    I just love Elnas.


  11. Patti

    Hi, I am new to this group. I just pulled out my Elna Supermatic to play with and I am finding it difficult to set up the zig zag stitch. Is it possible that it is not included? I have a cam # 3 for buttonhole, but the stitch on the bottom is almost completely straight and the stitch on top is perfectly zig zaged. Are there tricks that I need to know to get my stitches balanced?


  12. Carol

    I inherited 2 Elnas from my husband’s mother. One is a green Supermatic and the other is a smaller version. The Supermatic has a foot pedal and is missing the knee bar and the small one has the knee bar. Both of them have been sitting in my garage for 9 years because I have other machines. Recently, I moved and decided to clean the garage out. When I came across the two machines, I decided to play with them. The Supermatic’s motor growled when I ran it….just like Tom and Cathy’s machines. Is this a normal sound for the motor?? It seems to run fine. Will it still growl if I tune it up ? Also, I know absolutely nothing about this brand or model of machine. Is it worth fixing? I also own 3 wonderful machines ..2 Berninas ( 1130 & 1260) and a Viking 6570. Can someone tell me about the Supermatic’s past history? Thank you.


  13. Arlene Bader

    I bought my Elna Supermatic in 1958 and it has worked wonderfully for all of those years, albeit with an occasional tune-up.

    Yesterday, I loosened the flywheel to wind a bobbin and now am unable to re-tighten the flywheel for sewing. It seems to be frozen. I don’t have time to get it tuned up right now. Any suggestions? I have tried to turn it with a vise-grip, but it is not possible to get a good grip on the larger disk so the vise-grip just turns both wheels together.

  14. Don F.

    I believe the growl you folks are hearing is the drive pully which gets a flat spot on it from being consantly held against the hand wheel driven surface while in storage. It is a kind of knocking grumble. The drive pully is rubber. Wheel could be removed for long term storage.
    I found this problem on mine. Kind of looking for cams and manual.

  15. Bonnie Matzke

    Can someone tell me where I can purchase a manual and the cams and attachments for the Elna Supermatic. I recently purchased this but these items were missing. Would love to get this great machine all together again. I have collected Singer Machines for years. This is my first Elna but what a great machine too. Please e-mail me if you can help. Thank you. Bonnie

  16. Kath from England

    hello again

    cam 151 which is for darning can produce flowers.

    insert cam 151 and then select built-in serpentine stitch.

    stitch one sequence and then leave needle in fabric (this is centre of work) and turn fabric so machine will stitch opposite petal.

    leave needle in fabric and turn work so new petals are added.

    I have worked these working on wrong side of fabric – matching coloured thread in needle and lurex type thread wrapped around bobbin/spool underneath.


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